Sourcing of ingredients



At our breweries, we pay extraordinary attention to the selection of ingredients of highest quality. We do our best to source as much malting barley or malt as possible locally. And in Italy, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, 100% of barley we use is of local origin. We also nurture long-term cooperation with our suppliers. The key principles of a partnership include correct relations, fairness and the long-term nature of our relationships.



Whenever possible, we source our hops locally from the traditional hop growing regions around Poland and the Czech Republic. The ingredients come from trusted farmers and their quality has to be of the highest level. We prefer long-term relationships and plan our deliveries in advance, to ensure continuity of production and secure future supplies. We also make sure that the farms meet sustainable development standards.



Water is crucial for brewing beer and we need to make sure there is enough of it. We regularly evaluate the risks associated with accessibility and quality of water resources we share with local communities. Using the latest technology, we managed to reduce average water consumption in our breweries to less than 3 litres of water per litre of beer produced.

Alcohol responsibility

We want our great brands to be a pleasant part of our consumers’ life, and this is why we strongly advocate for a responsible approach to the promotion and consumption of our products. We communicate our brands ethically and provide proper information to consumers, so that they can make an informed choice. We also run range of prevention campaigns that support responsible drinking.

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We always strive to make sure that our breweries observe top environmental norms in compliance with internationally recognised standards. We continuously strive to reduce our carbon footprint. Over the past years, we have reduced the volume of water used in enviroment production significantly and currently, we proudly rank among the world’s top brewing companies.

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Beer culture

We believe that our beers are best enjoyed in a pub. We care about the beer culture, which is why we provide regular training for the owners of pubs and restaurants, handing down our experience. Thousands of them complete our training sessions every year. We also train tapsters how to make the perfect pour and grow our network of tank pubs all around Europe, serving the freshest beer possible, which tastes the same as in the brewery.

Sustainability in our companies